My process

Double diamond & Technical constraints

Technical constraints


Investigate the behavior and purchasing patterns of customers on an adult cam website. The CEO main concern was that their customers were signing up for the website but not converting enough sales (buying tokens).

The website doesn’t use marketing material like emails to contact its customers as everything is kept anonymous because of the nature of the website.


Firstly we started with unmoderated usability testing to get an idea of the common pain points experienced by the user when buying tokens. 

Some common themes we noticed early on: Many users backed out of the payment flow, and on sign up, the user was only signing up without looking at the tokens. Concerns about how long it took to buy tokens were putting users off from buying tokens.


Business goals

To address the business goals and enhance the overall experience. The user needs a faster way to checkout. 

Doing A/B testing to see if offering a discount on tokens can help improve users buying tokens on signup.

Design Solutions


We could only qualitatively assess how well our design accomplished the goals defined in the project brief. We performed A/B testing to evaluate the effectiveness of our design and found that the updates passed expectations, particularly on signup and users buying tokens